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About us


   Our community activity started with a small group, when a few Bengali family living around Kawaguchi (Saitama) Akabane(Tokyo) area.


    We mostly arrived in Japan as Students for Japanese Language Study. We slowly realized that we are missing something here and started meeting with each other in weekends with home cooked meals with small discussion about India, Kolkata, families, friends and living standards in Japan and daily life difficulties.


   To understand Japanese Culture better, we also need to promote our Indian culture and make a bridge between Japan and India, we then came up with an idea to organize Saraswati Puja (Goddess of Education, Dance and Music) and we founded our community in name of Kolkata Cultural Society Japan in mid winter of 2006 with small group.


   We first organized our Saraswati Puja event on date 2007, which was unexpected success attending with more than 150 guests of India and Japan and slowly our journey started and never stopped.


   As more from Students, Entrepreneurs, Professionals started arriving here in Japan. The gatherings became more formal with the launch of regular Saraswati Pujas, Independence Day celebrations, Cricket and Soccer Match, Sports, Picnics and social engagements. After a grand success of our Saraswati Puja event till 2011, we then planned to take forward our Indian culture here and organized our first Durga Puja event on date 2012.


   Even though ties between Japan and India are becoming stronger and stronger every year, there is still lot of scope for promoting interpersonal exchange and cultural exchange and to get acquainted with Indian culture, and study information related to India and provides it to those who need such information. Create opportunities for a better understanding of India and its culture by organizing exchange meetings, lectures, and cultural events. Support youth exchange, cultural exchange and business exchange, deepen mutual understanding, and contribute to the development of human interaction between Japan and India.


   All of our active members participation and roles is the key of our success.


Thanking you 

Kolkata Cultural Society  Japan



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